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The garden celebrates and highlights the 40th anniversary of the first
convention on the protection of the Baltic Sea Area, known as the
Helsinki Convention. It also celebrates the International Year of Plant
Health 2020 (IYPH) which was initiated by Finland and approved by The
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UNFAO) in 2017
and declared by the UN General Assembly in December 2018.

The setting is comprised of a sauna with a cool-off area and a seaside
garden as a recreational facility for the inhabitants of the city,
provided by the City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Division. The
garden is situated in the proximity of the city’s main public beach on a
secluded peninsula.

The main focus is on the natural Baltic seaside vegetation and scenery
with a planted, secluded cool-off area for recreational use for small
group bookings. From inside the sauna and the garden there is an open
view to the sea and nearby islands. The west-facing garden provides
plenty of light and a view towards sunset. It is a haven with an
atmosphere of relaxation, recuperation and recreation.

The key features are a modern version of a traditional Finnish sauna
with a green roof and a water feature, which depicts the open sea in
front of the sauna and the garden. There is a wooden wall behind the
garden to give shelter and intimacy. The area is surrounded by natural
vegetation. There will also be large rocks which can be found in most
coastal areas of the Baltic Sea on the Northern shores of the Gulf of

The pathway to the sauna is paved with wooden blocks and the floor of
the cool-off patio will be made of wooden planks, treated with the same
colour as the sauna.

The garden will recreate the natural green seaside nature and in the
planted cool-off area the colours of the traditional summer flowers, red
blue and white will be present.

The garden will reflect traditional seaside life and communality in
harmony with the surrounding nature. The Nordic tradition of seaside
life has continued virtually unchanged for centuries. It is still alive
and well and enjoyed in Finland – even in the urban setting of the
capital city on the unique brackish inland sea, the Baltic Sea.

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