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Larger-than-life fairytale oak tree stump sanctuary as a centrepiece at RHS Chelsea Flower Show – Taina Suonio's ‘Connected, by EXANTE’ garden showcases connecting people in a woodland setting

Connected, by EXANTE is a cool, calm woodland sanctuary. There’s a space among the tranquillity for people to
connect inside the main feature, a fairytale larger-than-life oak stump. The unusual centrepiece has a skylight roof
encircled by a vegetated edge.

The oak home sanctuary, with charming duckboards leading in and out, is surrounded by layered European
woodland with its serene and limited colours. It is also a chic teleworking oasis with an oak-shaped water feature
window on the back wall. An innovative oak silhouette window on the front provides natural light, a view out and in,
to the water feature window.

Taina Suonio is a renowned Finnish landscape designer and environment biologist. She exhibits her own work in Chelsea Flower Show for the third time. Her Silver-Gilt-winning 2019 design “The Roots in Finland Kyrö Garden” was recycled almost in its entirety and now has a home in the side garden of the Embassy of Finland in London. Her second Silver-Gilt winner in 2021, “The Finnish Soul Garden” presented Chelsea’s first ever Finnish sauna in its natural coastal setting.

Taina sees gardening as an extension of nature into our yards and dwellings. Her style of garden design is primarily a celebration of the natural, ecological biodiversity-supporting beauty of the native wild. Her approach is shaped by paying particular attention to promoting sustainability, plant health and use of recyclable, natural materials and native plant species.

The sponsor, EXANTE is a wealthtech company that provides centralised trading solutions and B2B financial infrastructure, who create value through technology. They are licensed to provide financial services to retail and corporate clients, including trading and investment.

Like the flowers and plants in this garden that all grew together to create a unique space in which nature and people can connect, EXANTE provides a platform that connects people and financial markets by offering innovative products and fully customizable services to help grow wealth.

Connected, by EXANTE will be built by the acclaimed landscapers Nicholsons from North Aston where they have a
22 acre nursery growing peat free plants under the UK Plant Healthy Scheme.

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